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It is clearly declared that the scope of management anti aging kiegészítők a gnc-nél shall be derived from understood external and internal context, with regard to the needs and expectations of interested parties, strategic direction and the products and services of the organization.

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The risk-based approach supersedes the idea of a universal management system that fits all organisations. Risk-based thinking allows the customised set of management actions. While it replaces the requirements of preventive actions, the consideration of risks and opportunities cover the whole business process, including the influencing factors of the successfulness of management system.

Addressing responsibility is also reconsidered.

Instead of highlighting the role of the management representative it is required to define organisational roles, responsibility and authority. Of course, the former work- and responsibility sharing can be continued. I consider that the new concept is appropriate both for small organisations and for supporting the popular lean-based initiations with the more liberal breakdown of responsibilities.

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Resources formerly resource management is more detailed and it includes a great emphasis on knowledge management. The new text gives special attention to external issues beyond the requirements of understanding the organisational context.

Based on practical expectations about the development of supply chain-based thinking and the supporting organisational structures the standards manage also outsourced processes and their performance.

Documentation systems is revised and simplified in terminology. Last, but not least, the number of principles is cut back: system approach merges with process approach. International Scientific Conference The new concept, structure and requirements are not absolutely novel.

The professional content of the standards built on existing and proven methods.

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The novelty is that identification of stakeholders and their needs, risk analysis and evaluation or supply chain management will be available for a wider base including small organisations as well. The management model Figure 1. The goal of development is to establish a clear and conform structure differin anti aging eredmények more harmonised chapters related to general management issues.

The result is a more detailed table of content. Annex A remains that explains a guidance on how to establish and maintain the management system, moreover a similar annex appears in the ISO standard but with a more limited scope.

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Thinking is supply chains is strengthened, and the requirements of understanding the context of the organisations is essential for widening the interpretation of environmental performance. Combination with the general requirements of risk-based thinking allows the more professional and more managerial aspects in performance evaluation. The new concept of managing responsibilities promotes the realisation of the idea that environmental issues are common ones but with different levels of authority in the organisation.

The former planning structure with objectives, targets and programmes is absent, because risk management is intended to fulfil the challenges. In my opinion this change allows a soft approach for organisations with a less developed management toolset, so the responsibility of consultants of system development is increased in finding the suitable solutions. It is out of the scope if present paper, but a notable challenge is that the European Ecomanagement and Audit Scheme EMAS also uses the requirements of the ISO standards so modifications will be necessary in order to avoid the existence of two different regulation.

In my opinion the changes of the investigated standards are user-friendly and forward-looking while a special risk arises. The freedom in defining authorities and responsibilities as well as rethinking the documentation requirements increases the responsibility of both the top management and the consultants. Without the application of the proper management toolset the system may become an expensive window-decoration even with good intention of the management.

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There are two more aspects to highlight: the challenges of risk-based thinking and the concept of documentation system. International Scientific Conference Risk-based thinking replaces — among others — the preventive actions.

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Their goal is conform, but the approach and initial point of proactive behaviour are different: - preventive actions is motivated by the need for avoiding nonconformities failuresmainly related to products, services or processes operative issues even the action affects the correction of corporate level regulations, - risk management by the interpretation of the standards emerges rather in strategic than operative aspects, i.

Risk-based planning of actions may have another unwanted effect. Focusing on strategic and operational risks may lead to an avoiding behaviour Farkas-Szabó, Although, the standards specify requirements for actions to address risks and opportunities, but the weight of the latter in the explanations is less dominant.


An elementary change is that a quality manual is not required by ISO The concept is known from ISO that only requires operational control by documented procedures in harmony with the identified significant environmental aspects, environmental policy, objectives and targets.

Regulation aide financiere létrehozása enterprise suisse anti aging - controlling situations where their absence could lead to deviation from the environmental policy, objectives and targets, - the identified significant environmental aspects of goods and services used by the organization, including the communication of the requirement to suppliers and contractors.

Of course, the requirements above are suitable for maintaining the management system but presupposes a core regulation. If the organisational and operational rules are less developed or the organisation uses a case-by-case approach in control, a comprehensive approach may be missing or may be difficult to understand for the stakeholders. The ISO requires the following content of the manual: - the scope of the management system, - documented procedures established for the quality management system, or reference to them, - interactions between the processes of the quality management system.

The intention of the revision is reasonable by looking at the standards from a business viewpoint. Beyond to the structural unity of the management systems and the refined terminology it is remarkable that the content is parallel with the process of strategic planning.

International Scientific Conference and even in the narrower interest of the lecturer aide financiere létrehozása enterprise suisse anti aging the expert group faculty or department. An engineering or a business courses need different focus as well as bachelor and master level courses. Quality education is covered by subjects called quality assurance, quality control, quality management or TQM, in some case without any regard to the differences between the meanings of the expressions.

It is to note, that Hungarian adaptation of the terminology may differ from the original content. Explaining the ISO and standards often gives the curriculum of a whole semester supplemented by methodological knowledge.

The scope of this knowledge may be quality inspection techniques, problems solving models, organisational aide financiere létrehozása enterprise suisse anti aging, performance evaluation etc. Due to rationalization efforts the quality management standardization may share the same course-unit with the topics of total quality management and business excellence.


It is a viable option to teach standardisation on bachelor level and pay attention to other concepts on master level. This can lead to significant problems if a student will continue his or her studies in another institution with a different structure of the course-units.

Missing previous knowledge elements, including both quality terminology aide financiere létrehozása enterprise suisse anti aging methodology can lead to failures in the learning process.

Similarly, it is also possible that a student only review former knowledge and cannot get anything new.

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