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Its main square was then the forum. During the period of mass migration the once prosperous Scarbantia declined to become a lifeless city of ruins; a new settlement was created here only after the Hungarians took over the territory.

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Hungarians strengthened the old Benedictins suisse anti aging city walls and built a castle. The town was named in Hungarian after a castle steward named Suprun.

Even though he took the children of Sopron's nobility with him as hostages, the city opened its gates when the armies of King Ladislaus IV of Hungary arrived.

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The king rewarded Sopron by elevating it to the rank of free royal town. In the Turks devastated the city, but it did not fall under Turkish domination.

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Many Hungarians fled from the occupied areas to Sopron, and the city's importance grew. While the Ottomans occupied most of central Europe, the region north of lake Balaton remained in the Kingdom of Hungary — In Sopron was destroyed by a fire.


The modern-day city was born in the next few decades, when Baroque buildings were built to replace the destroyed medieval ones. Sopron became the seat of the comitatus Sopron.

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Untilthe town bilingual names Oedenburg - Sopron was part of the Austrian monarchy, province of Hungary; in Transleithania after the compromise of in the Kingdom of Hungary. Sopron suffered greatly during World War II and it was bombed several times. The Soviet Árpára szemkenőcs Army captured the city on April 1, On August 19, the "Pan-European Picnic" took place near Sopron, when the "Iron Curtain" between Austria and Hungary was lifted for a few hours, allowing some hundred East German citizens to cross benedictins suisse anti aging border.

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Orientation[ edit ] Sopron birdview After being suppressed during the Cold War, Sopron's German-speaking culture and heritage are now recognized again. As a consequence, many of the city's street-and traffic-signs are written in both Hungarian and German making it an officially bilingual city due to its proximity to the Austrian frontier.

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