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The film didn't make it into the nominations' list and with the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic the Hungarian film industry faced serious challenges.

Luckily, there was also good news.

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The previous grant systems were unified, since in not only feature films, but also documentaries, television and short films were supported by the NFI. As part of its new policy, the NFI wants to put greater emphasis on coproductions. In the NFI gave out Ten films supported by the NFI debuted in cinemas and festivals in The production of 12 Hungarian feature films supported by the NFI started and finished in With the introduction of the state of emergency the shooting had to be stopped in Marchand it could only continue in June Half Way Home tells the story of two lovers who get stuck between life and death.

The film follows a 28 year old office worker Rudi, who takes the law into his own hands after realising that his beloved grandfather was a victim of a cruel fraud.


The first depicts the changing life of a popular but burned out writer, who meets his little son for the first time. The latter is a big-budget family film with music and fantasy elements. It depicts the fate of young Romany people whose lives have been in a free fall.

Four young directors were given the opportunity to realise their first long film. Dániel Tiszeker is making an uplifting and emotional Christmas film about a fireman. The production of Katinka, the most expensive Hungarian documentary film ever, didn't halt during the spring lockdown and the shooting continues in Directed by Norbert Pálinkás and produced by Szupermodernthe documentary follows the preparations of the three-time Olympic champion Katinka Hosszú for the Tokyo Olympics.

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In the NFI, which is more supportive of coproductions than its predecessor, backed eight coproductions, including Anthony Fabian's Mrs. László Csuja and Anna Nemes tell the tragic story of a woman bodybuilder who gets into a love triangle. Independent productions were also shooting in Most of the film was shot in and a couple of additional scenes were shot in It is the second most popular location for Hollywood films in Europe, after London.

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Inwhich was a record breaking year, the amount of money spent directly on film productions The year showed a significant decline because of the pandemic. Due to these measures, productions only stopped for a few months in the spring of and they could resume work in June The principal photography of Dune, produced by Legendary Entertainment in coproduction with Warner Bros. The production of Birds of Paradise had halted in March The sci-fi television series Halo directed by Otto Bathurst and produced by Microsoft in coproduction with Showtime Networks went into production in and continued in at the Korda Studios.

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Sensing the increasing demand, the NFI started to significantly expand the Mafilm Studiosand the four new studios will be fully operational in The evaluation of applications was continuous and no shooting failed because they rescheduled the best budget anti aging night cream uk of the ongoing productions at the beginning of the pandemic in March The work could resume but the crew had to follow strict health protection measures.

The NFI published a health protection plan helping the productions. The casts and crews were tested regularly, protective equipment was provided for everybody, the number of people on location was minimised and compliance with hygiene rules was monitored.

The Hungarian film industry reacted quickly to the challenges caused by the pandemic and the local studios introduced an effective anti-COVID protocol. When the European Union banned the entry of non-EU residents in JuneHungary granted special exemptions to US casts and crews, making it possible to restart production at full capacity.

After the spring shutdown, Hungary was one of the first countries where foreign productions came back and resumed work.

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The enterprises in the film industry were fully exempted from paying taxes based on their wages for a limited time. The measure was taken to ease the crisis caused by the Coronavirus.

The National Film Institute - Hungary was granted 1 billion HUF by the National Cultural Council as part of their financial package compensating the difficulties of the cultural sphere. In Intercom had 13 films in cinemas, of which Az 5 legjobb öregedésgátló bőrápoló termék got into the top ten.

UIP Duna Film released nine films, four of which entered the top ten. None of them was Hungarian. Forum Hungary and Freeman Film also deal mainly with foreign titles.

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MagyarhangyaCirko Film and Budapest Film also specialised in art house films. Numerous prestigious film festivals had Hungarian titles in their programme.

The total gross of Hungarian films was 2. The admissions dropped fromin toin The number of domestic premieres also decreased from 26 in to 16 in The year was a nightmare for Hungarian cinemas, which had to close two times because of the pandemic, first on 11 March followed by a re-opening during the second half of June. Operations had to be suspended again on 11 November.

Jovita George

A couple other Hungarian films from are worth mentioning in terms of gross. The general box office suffered an even bigger blow and decreased by The total gross was A best budget anti aging night cream uk of films came out inbut only 89 were theatrically released in The American action comedy Bad Boys for Life was the highest grossing film inwith 1.

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Three new domestic streaming services were launched and an unprecedented number of Hungarian titles became available online. Budapest Film reacted to the closing down of cinemas with the launch of Remote Cinema on 21 Aprila pay-per-view live streaming platform specifically designed to fill in for real cinema experiences.

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They purchase their tickets for a particular time and date and watch the film as a community. Cinegothe only domestic streaming platform specialised in art house titles, was launched in May It offers titles from the selections of the top festivals as well as remarkable Hungarian films from the last couple of years. A total of feature films are currently available, of which 38 are Hungarian. Preparations to Be Together For an Unknown Period of Best budget anti aging night cream uk went online on 1 December and became the most popular domestic title of the year on Cinego.

More than productions were made available, including feature films, 50 animated films and 11 documentaries. The film could be rented on Vimeo starting 23 April Between six and seven thousand people watched it in the first four days, according to its director Szabolcs Hajdu.

Netflix dominates the local market, like in the rest of the world. Hungarian subscribers, who can currently choose from 45 domestic titles, spent 4.

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HBO GO has been available in Hungary since and currently offers 41 domestic productions, including 20 feature films, 18 documentaries and three series. A total of feature film applications were processed, were backed and 27 projects were given production support.

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Eleven feature films were granted marketing support. The NFI announced nine new applications for television and streaming productions.

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Almost 1, applications were sent in and the Television Decision Making Board supported applications and granted A new type of tender was introduced by the NFI for supporting theatres in The yearly top 20 chart of television programmes, based on the age group, includes ten RTL Klub and eight TV2 programmes. These are both commercial channels, while the public service media had only two programmes in the top The first episode became the ninth most watched programme in RTL Klub also introduced a comedy series called Apatigris directed by Attila Herczeg, the first episode finishing in the sixth place in the yearly top 20 chart.

It was announced in that Hungary's longest running soap opera Barátok közt will come to an end in The first episode was aired in on RTL Klub. The first started very promising and the pilot was the third most watched programme in Both channels made their own fictional lockdown mini-series depicting life during the pandemic. RTL Klub produced Segítség! Itthon vagyok!

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