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Recommended Articles Building reconstruction has become a much used and disputed concept in the professional discourse of Hungarian heritage preservation.

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It is no accident that ongoing and future renovation projects have garnered much public attention, however, it is evincible that while the issues these opinions address seem consistent, certain typical arguments pro and contra appear to rest on different value priorities.

Public discourse does not so much challenge the appropriacy of reconstruction as a method of heritage preservation, but the value that restored heritage conveys to us, and prioritizing its opportunities.

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There are considerable differences between various public and professional priorities, as well as the respective backgrounds of their opinions.

In the paper it is presented in five chapters through the keywords of historical embeddedness, social embeddedness, community identities, physical preservation and creative architectural methodologythat there are considerable incongruites in the professional and public reception and appreciation of reconstructionary heritage preservation projects — but the main lines of these heterogeneous perception can be outlined.

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