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Very professional staff, highly recommended. I was here many times, excellent!

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Hundred stars! I was deeply satisfied with my treatment. The staff were very welcoming.

mona anti aging

This caused me considerable pain and impaired my mobility. Since operations were not recommended, I tried electro therapy, specific exercises and hyaluronic acid shots which helped mona anti aging somewhat, but not much.

Mona, avagy hogyan lettem kozmetikus?

I had read that stem cell therapy offered promising results specially for conditions such as mine, but due to the skepticism I found among specialist in Vienna, I had my doubts about the success of the procedure, who should provide it and the overall expense I would have to go through. This is a modern medical center with top specialists who also perform other esthetic surgery procedures.

They answered all my questions patiently and offered me an affordable health package which motivated me to proceed with them. Now, after one year since I have had the stem cell therapy, I feel significant improvements in my joints which allows me to move much more freely and with less pain. I have just undergone a blood plasma mona anti aging at the Mona Lisa Center as a complementary therapy to the previous one which I hope will help me even more.

mona anti aging

For these reasons it is my pleasure to highly recommend the medical services of Mona Lisa Center to any person who is looking for new, effective and affordable treatment options. Alba MR. Very helpful staff, very professional doctors, and amazing result, thank you.

mona anti aging

The results were terrible, instead of having a bigger butt I left with something like a belt of fat around my hips. Mona anti aging stuff were nice, but the doctor was an unprofessional and didn't even had consultations with me.

I would not recommend this to anyone. Because not only you won't get the results you want, but you will get worse.

mona anti aging

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