Anti aging facial kit price

Bőrfiatalítás lézeres hámlasztással

Mesolift Mesotherapy, Mesolift Hyaluron acid wrinkle filling, skin structure improvement Mesotherapy, a wonder of modern technology, is one of anti aging facial kit price most popular treatments, which is recommended for people of all ages.

anti aging facial kit price

Mesolift is a skin rejuvenation treatment using the highest concentration of active ingredients that gives a visible lifting effect. We differentiate medical and cosmetic mesotherapy.

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During medical wrinkle filling doctors inject hyaluron locally e. They use huge molecule hyaluron acid, which also contains synthetic materials. This combination of hyaluron and synthetic materials makes medical wrinkle filling stable, which lasts more than 2 months.

anti aging facial kit price

Hyaluron acid breaks down in 2 months, but the synthetic materials can keep longer or forever, that's why you can often see distorted faces or mouths. Cosmetic mesotherapy improves skin structure of the whole face.

A bőr legfelső rétege, a hám folyamatosan megújul, bár az életkorral a folyamat lelassul. A mélyebb szövetrétegek, különösen az irha, ahol a rugalmas és kollagén rostok találhatóak, folyamatosan gyengül. A Dr Derm Peel egy kombinált ablatív kezelés, mely lézeres hámlasztásból és frakcionált lézeres kezelésből áll. A hámlasztás során az Erbium alapú hangolható hámlasztó lézer egy szkenner segítségével párologtatja el a bőr felső rétegeit, ezzel eltüntetve a felületes ráncokat és hegeket, szűkítve a tág pórusokat. A hámlasztás után a frakcionált lézer oszlopszerűen távolítja el a hám és az irha egy részét, így annak helyét új sejtek foglalják el.

We use big molecule hyaluron acid, which is a sour mucopolysaccharide produced by biotechnology; it's a water binding material. This hyaluron acid doesn't cause allergic reactions, it's completely inserted in the connective tissue.

anti aging facial kit price

Mesolift regenerates your skin by producing and activating skin cells. Fine lines disappear, deeper wrinkles soften, your skin becomes fresh and regains firmness.

We always compose a cocktail of active ingredients that matches your skin's requirements and is introduced beneath the skin's surface by a thin needle.

anti aging facial kit price

This mixture is drawn up in the syringe of a mesotherapy gun, which moves the needle automatically. The depth of injection is strictly controlled, it's not deeper than 1 mm.

anti aging facial kit price

Skin becomes younger not only because of the active substances, but pin-pricks cause plethora and activate skin cells to heal the micro injuries. Mesotherapy can even provide visible results without active substances, only in itself. Needle mesotherapy has no healing time, it doesn't leave visible external injuries, so you don't need to hide and live out of the world for several months.

anti aging facial kit price

Benefits of mesotherapy: there are no scars after the treatment there's no long-lasting healing process it doesn't cause allergic reaction it provides instant, visible result it improves dermis and epidermis it smoothes out fine lines, fades deep wrinkles by binding water in the skin Mesolift is recommended in the following cases: mature, atrophic, flabby skin.

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