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vita liberata anti age tanning serum review

But, then, oops, you see your chalky calves sticking out from your fabulous, colorful summery dress or skirt.

vita liberata anti age tanning serum review

You look more closely and realize the issue is not just your pallid legs. My usual solution is to give up and put on yet another pair of pants. But then a friend sent me an email asking if I vita liberata anti age tanning serum review any suggestions for hiding spots and pallor on her legs, and I decided to rethink it.

vita liberata anti age tanning serum review

Over the years— with varied success— I have tried several solutions, the majority of which have belonged to the self-tanner camp. Reluctant to rely on my own completely random trials, I asked the MyLittleBird team to chime in with their experience.


LittleBird Stephanie Gardens, recently back from a week in Florida, where she got a glorious glow but was now sitting in her office gradually growing pale, had some thoughts about her trials and errors. Here are nine products we think are worth giving a chance.

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Rather, I prefer to use those intended for the face on my body, hoping to get a more subtle effect. In the spirit of full disclosure, I received a sample from the cosmetics company a year or so ago. Because it reportedly blurs skin imperfections and blemishes, I tried it on my legs and got just enough of a bronze color to hide the parts I wanted hiding. Irishwoman Alyson Hogg was making skin care products when her friends very pale Irish lasses looking for something to darken their skin convinced her to come up with a tanning product.

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Several years ago, I bought something from James Read that gave my gams some shine. Although it did leave a slight dark stain on the inside hem of my skirt, the dry cleaner resolved it.

I first I discovered them in one of those jars of samples Bluemercury in Georgetown keeps around the cash register. With several applications, I built up enough coverage to wear a sundress. As opposed to my method, Stephanie used St. It appears they no longer make it.

vita liberata anti age tanning serum review

And cheap. It does, however, give excellent color and dries quickly. It goes on smoothly over damp skin; you pat dry, and it leaves no smears or streaks.

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It IS a little yellowish, but my Florida tan why are tans from different places so different? Our editorial choices are made independently; vita liberata anti age tanning serum review, a purchase made through such a link can sometimes result in MyLittleBird receiving a commission on the sale, whether through a retailer, an online store or Amazon.

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